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Why reaserch is important in essay writing

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Essay writing is the most irritating part in student’s life to be frank. They hate writing essays because it needs a lot of effort and time. But they can make it interesting by doing the research in an interesting way. For exams obviously they won’t get any materials or reference for writing their essays. They have think and write it their own. But one thing they can do is preparing contents for some topics that are likely to ask in their exams. Research should be done carefully. They should be taught to take the essay writing task as a challenge. Teachers can offer some good prizes who wrote the essay perfectly. This can make them fall towards the task. They will be having a tendency to copy the given essay from any book or web resources. They will run towards the library, But not for doing the research. But for looking whether any essays are there on the same topic. Now a days, students have moved in to web. This is the easy way to get articles on the given topic. They are not aware of the fact that it will ruin their thinking ability. Visit best essay writing service for more. Teachers should make them feel guilty about copying an essay from other resources. It has to be written from their effort. At least some students will be there who are ready to do the task genuinely without copying from another source. They are getting cheated by other students who just copy things. Guilt has to be developed in their mind. This will help them to do the writing by their own.  Teachers can give some tips to make the essay writing practice interesting. If the topic is not really boring, then the problem is almost solved. They are supposed to understand that the research process will help them to build knowledge and skill.

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